Chronology for Europeans in Namibia

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Cities: Capital –Windhoek pop. Terrain: Varies from coastal desert to semiarid mountains and plateau. Climate: Semidesert and high plateau. People Nationality: Noun and adjective –Namibian s. Population est. Annual growth rate est.

Our network also counts a considerable number of German expats in Namibia, coming from all corners of Germany – from Hamburg, over Berlin to Munich.

Please refresh the page and retry. P rince Harry and Meghan Markle are rumoured to have chosen Namibia as their honeymoon destination – an excellent choice we say – though it may be a wee while before they manage to escape. Only Greenland, the Falkland Islands, Mongolia and Western Sahara in that order have fewer people per square kilometre. Namibia takes conservation seriously.

In fact, more than 40 percent of the country is under conservation management. It was also the first African country to incorporate environmental protection into its constitution. Hence its bountiful wildlife. Namibia elected its first female leader in Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, the first elected female head of state in Africa, was the President of Liberia until January , when she was replaced by former footballer George Weah.

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Languages: English is the official language of Namibia; Afrikaans, German, and Namibia signed a border-control agreement with Angola but to date has not.

These areas were constituted the first German colony under German protection on April 24, The German occupation subsequently extended inland. As a result of the Zanzibar Treaty between Germany and Great Britain, German South West Africa acquired the Caprivi Strip named after the German chancellor Graf Leo von Caprivi , a tract of land miles km long in the extreme northeast of the territory; the colony thus gained access to the Zambezi River.

Major Theodor Leutwein, governor of the colony in —, suppressed insurrections of the Khoekhoe and of the Hereros In , however, the Hereros fomented a far more dangerous rebellion. The German force, at first only strong and supported only by one artillery battery, had to face an army of some 8, men equipped with modern weapons.

German Government continues supporting economic development in the Republic of Namibia

Over the weekend, Geoffrey York, the Africa correspondent for the Canadian Globe and Mail and apparently also the only correspondent for a major Canadian publication on the African continent wrote, from Namibia , about the current Herero struggle for land, dignity, and reparations. The — German genocide against the Herero is considered by many to have been the first genocide of the twentieth century , as such it serves as the gateway to the Modern Age.

As York, accurately , describes the situation, nothing much has changed:.

date. January 12, – location. German South West Africa · Kalahari Desert The areas of German South West Africa (now Namibia) were formally.

The Sam-Cohen-Library is a reference library in Swakopmund , Namibia and situated next to the former Otavi Bahnhof, or railway station, which was the west coast terminal of the narrow gauge railway line to the copper mine at Tsumeb in the north. The library, which initially started with only 5 books, today comprises some The library is a treasure chest for scholars, students and scientists alike.

They grant visitors access to a unique collection of newspapers from to the present day. Also available is an extensive collection of historical photographs, maps and documents. The unique newspaper collection comprises 25 different titles. Most of the titles were in German, aiming to inform the German population in Southwestern Africa about the news from Namibia as well as from overseas and the home country.

German language in Namibia

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German-Herero conflict of —07 , the conflict between the Herero people and German colonial troops in German South West Africa in and the ensuing events of the next few years that resulted in the deaths of about 75 percent of the Herero population, considered by most scholars to be genocide. The semiarid territory was more than twice as large as Germany, yet it had only a fraction of the population—approximately , people.

By some 3, Germans had settled in the colony, primarily on the central high grounds. The launch of this new settler society, albeit still small, disrupted the socioeconomic balance of the territory and resulted in conflict. Apart from overarching anticolonial concerns, the primary points of friction were access to scarce resources such as land, water, and cattle.

The largest conflict involved the Herero nation, a mainly pastoral people who over the preceding decades had adopted various traits of modernity, including use of horses and guns. The fighting began on Jan. It is still unclear who fired the first shots, but by noon that day Herero fighters had laid siege to the German fort.

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This people from northern Namibia speaks the same language as the Himba, who Their dress devolved from late 19th early 20th century German fashions.

Geingob said did not elaborate further. However in mid-August the Namibian Presidency followed up on the issue by releasing a statement in which it undated the nation on the on-going reparations talks. And that is that negotiations must be concluded and that an official German apology is long overdue. Lester Holloway, a black British journalist and editor, went further to break down the figure into simpler terms.

As the chorus of condemnation grew thick and fast, the German government emerged to disown the figure peddled by the Namibian president. Historians estimate that the massacres wiped out 75 percent of the Herero population and about 50 percent of the Nama population. While the motion to fetch an apology and reparations for the genocide was tabled in the Namibian Parliament in , formal negotiations only started in and since then eight rounds of talks have taken place without any agreement on substantive issues.

With the two sides no longer singing from the same hymn sheet, it is not easy to separate the truth from falsities. However, whichever way the case might be, by deciding to make public some disputed details of the closely-guarded talks — right in the aftermath of BLM outcries — President Geingob could have primed his move to elicit maximum global sympathy to his side.

Namibia rejects German genocide reparations offer

The Schuhplattler is a traditional style of folk dance popular in the regions of Bavaria and Tyrol. In this dance, the performers stomp, clap and strike the sole of their shoes Schuhe , thighs and knees with their hands held flat platt. They join us at the Windhoek Oktoberfest to give our guests that authentic Oktoberfest entertainment. The South African version of this group has a very unique take on the concept incorporating local flavor and a spectacular set of South-African songs from Mango Groove, Kwesta, Johnny Cleg and the late Mandoza.

A special Festbier is brewed every year for the Windhoek Oktoberfest. You can expect an easy drinking beer, suitable to the season and perfect for the event.

the Date of Maharero’s Death in , trans. Cyril G. Hall a stronger congregation in Namibia than did their German counterparts, the Rhenish. Mission.

Lawyers for Herero and Nama people and for the German government present argument in lawsuit demanding reparations. An estimated , Ovaherero and Nama people were killed between and as a result of a mass extermination policy initiated by German colonial troops in South West Africa, currently known as Namibia , when the territory was a German colony.

US District Judge Laura Taylor Swain on Tuesday presided over the one-hour hearing in New York, where a delegation of 50 Herero and Nama people from around the world joined the plaintiffs in attendance. The key question under consideration was whether a US federal court has the jurisdiction to hear the case, brought by the indigenous people who seek compensation for their ancestors’ suffering. In order for there to be a firm basis for jurisdiction in the US under the Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act, the Herero and Nama need to demonstrate that wealth derived from the property taken during the German colonial period has a direct link to commercial property in the US.

Kenneth McCallion, the plaintiffs’ lawyer, argued that a number of German properties in New York were purchased as a direct result of the wealth accrued from slave labour and expropriation of property during the genocide. Germany’s lawyer Jeffrey Harris argued plaintiffs had not sufficiently demonstrated a commercial link.

He also said that the presence of skulls at the AMNH was the result of a private donation from German anthropologist Felix von Luschan and not a commercial exchange. Swain concluded the session by adjourning the case. She will render a decision on whether the US has jurisdiction over the case in the coming weeks, but ha not set a date. The descendants of the victims, a diasporic group from at least four countries, have been fighting for restorative justice for generations.

They also demand a seat at the table during bilateral negotiations between the Namibian and German governments concerning how to reckon with colonial-era atrocities. This is the second time New York courts have considered the question of reparations for the Herero and Nama genocide. While unsuccessful in court, the Herero and Nama succeeded in sparking a debate that has continued to affect German and Namibian civil society.

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